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Women On Top is a non-profit organization aiming for the professional empowerment of women and for equality at work. It was founded in 2012 and since then has created and monitored over 830 mentoring partnerships for the benefit of unemployed women, women who want to change their professional career, establish themselves in male-dominated professions, build their own businesses etc. 

It has also trained over 1200 unemployed, employed and self-employed women in skills camps offering childcare for the little ones of those who are mothers.

Moreover, through the Women on Top in Business initiative, we provide training, consulting and project management services to businesses and organizations wishing to prioritize the equal representation of women at work, by investing in the diversity and inclusivity of their talent pools as well as to the work/life balance of their employees. 

Last but not least, it has developed a wide communication and content creation platform (surveys, articles, podcasts, events etc), in order to build powerful networks around the goal of gender equality, help promote positive and strong female role models and raise awareness, among the general public as well as decision making bodies, around the obstacles that women face, even in this day and age, in their equal participation in public life.

Women on Top is supported by HIGGS, an incubator for the development of Non Profit Organizations in Greece.

Our story 


We founded Women On Top based on our own need, in different phases of our professional life, to find and work with women who have already faced the challenges we were facing and to draw from their knowledge, experience and inspiration to make our professional dreams come true.

Then we began to study in depth the factors that inhibit the professional development of women and their equal participation in the Greek labor market and decision-making centers.

Women on Top has now transformed into an organization with the vision to empower women at all stages of their lives, eliminating gender discrimination at work and promoting the equal participation of men and women in the economy for the sake of us all.

Our vision


To eliminate the obstacles that inhibit the equal participation of women in the labor market, i.e.:

Increased unemployment

Low representation in positions of responsibility

Low representation in male-dominated and STEM fields

The gender wage gap

Sexual harassment

The lack of work/life balance

… on the one hand, by empowering them and, on the other, by bringing a change in the social, labor and political environment around them.

Our initiatives


We implement initiatives (mentoring, training, consulting and project management, educational interventions, research, policy proposals) aimed to empower women in different phases of their professional life, but also to improve the social, labor and political environment within which they develop.

Our impact


Volunteer mentors

Completed mentoring relationships

Participants in professional development workshops

  • Participants who have evaluated WoT’s initiatives as absolutely or very effective in relation to their goals and prior expectations. 82% 82%

Women on Top is supported by HIGGS, an incubator for the development of Non Profit Organizations in Greece.


Founding team

Stella Kasdagli

Stella Kasdagli


Stella Kasdagli is a journalist, writer and translator and she came up with the idea for WoT in 2010. She studied French literature in Athens and Media Theory in London and worked for several years as editor of Cosmopolitan magazine, collaborating with other Greek and English printed publications and sites. She is now working as a translator and, through Women On Top, she plans and implements actions to empower women and promote gender equality at the workplace. She is also the co-founder of the Mentorkids mentoring network for teens and of the online reading club Bookworm. Her books,, I Just Wanted To Fit In, as well as the series of Princess Athena, are published by Patakis publications. She has two daughters and keeps growing up alongside them in Athens, Greece.
Pinelopi Theodorakakou

Pinelopi Theodorakakou

Personal & Executive Coach

Pinelopi studied Media Studies at the University of Sussex and continued with her postgraduate studies at the Communications & Public Relations Department of the University of Westminster in London. The Communication and Public Relations won her over for the first 15 years of her career. Now, as Certified Personal and Executive Coach, she supports individuals -with a greater emphasis on women and teens- to design their personal and professional lives by setting and achieving goals that are meaningful and worthwhile for them. At the same time, as a co-founder of Women on Top, he has an active role in planning, organizing and coordinating the organization’s initiatives, as well as the Mentorkids mentoring network for the vocational guidance of teens.
Galini Iliopoulou

Galini Iliopoulou

Organisational psychologist

Galini Iliopoulou is a Psychologist (MSc in Occupational & Organizational Psychology, University of Surrey, University of Athens) and works as Senior Consultant for Human Resources at ICAP. In the past, she worked in similar positions in consulting firms HayGroup and SHLHellas. She recently completed her business coaching (Triple Certification in Coaching – ICPS). She has extensive experience in evaluating and developing employees and executives.
Women On Top is supported by an excellent team of carefully selected collaborators, as well as by over 250 active volunteer mentors from all over Greece.

Our partnerships


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