Our initiatives

We are implementing initiatives to empower women at different stages of their working life, but also to improve the social, working and political environment in which they operate.


Through the establishment, monitoring and support of mentoring partnerships, by women with professional experience in women with less or no experience in the same field, we promote the exchange of knowledge and experience and we ensure moral and practical support in cases of unemployment, discrimination, sexual harassment, lack of work/life balance, change of professional orientation and many more.


Our professional development seminars, are organized several times over the course of the year, focusing on the honing of skills (interpersonal, leadership, digital and employability skills) that women are more likely to need. Workshops are provided free of charge or at a low cost to the beneficiaries, complete with a childcare service for those of whom that are also mothers.

Work/life integration

Among the solutions that we plan to implement for the professional empowerment of women is the creation of The Family Hub, a work hub where parents and children can work, play, learn and develop together. The first The Family Hub, in the center of Athens, will provide an opportunity for professionals & entrepreneurs (women and men) to work and to grow professionally and personally, without having to miss on their family joys and responsibilities or spend a lot of money on childcare.

WoT in Business

As part of our effort to change the wider work environment, both in the private and public sectors, Women On Top has developed an integrated service package for companies wishing to improve the equality / diversity / work-life balance indicators for their own staff. Our objective is to improve or establish gender equality policies in recruitment, promotion, education, rewarding and budgeting processes, to shift the internal culture of companies towards more equal opportunities and to promote the principles of work / life balance for all employees.


Content creation and dissemination

Through the Women On Top online platform, which consists of the website, the newsletter and the social media pages of the organization (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, YouTube), we produce (both as a management team, and with the collaboration of our volunteer mentors) and disseminate content related to the organization’s activities, the promotion of positive female role models, experiences of women who participate in our mentoring relationships and/or have completed some of our professional development workshops, employment and career development tools, jobs, international developments in the field of gender equality at work and the professional empowerment of women, as well as other issues related to the dismantling of stereotypes around gender and the labor market.

Educational interventions

Our “under development” programs include a set of interventions in formal education settings, aimed at the systematic, holistic and stereotype-free professional orientation of boys and girls. We want young adults to be empowered so as to make conscious choices regarding their field of study and work, even if this goes against socially embedded stereotypes around gender and work. We aim to train elementary and high school teachers on issues of gender equality and thus help them tackle their own unconscious stereotypes so that they can contribute to the objective professional orientation of boys and girls without projecting their own internalized beliefs about “appropriate” professions for them.



Through collaboration with educational institutions and research organizations, we are planning to implement surveys covering the full range of the issue of inequality at work and to explore the effectiveness and feasibility of the proposed (or other) solutions.

Policy proposals

Through both the systematisation of the WoT initiatives and the processing of data from the evaluation of our projects and of our surveys, a set of policy proposals will be gradually developed to promote the equal participation of women in the labor market at a national level.