Women On Top in Business


We partner with companies and organizations that actively invest in their human capital, paying particular attention to the satisfaction, engagement and development of their employees, as well as to their own contribution to the wider community around them. We design and implement programs aimed to improve the diversity / equity / work-life balance of their employees, but also to enhance their own socially responsible profile.

Our services


We design and implement diagnostic, consulting, training, project management and communication solution, with documented results in the employer brand, socially responsible profile and equality / diversity / balance indicators of all partnering organizations.

CSR programs

Supporting mentoring and training programs for women from the general population.

Supporting professional development programs for women from vulnerable groups (unemployed, disabled, single mothers, etc.). Training in soft skills, digital skills, employability skills.

Producing and editing content (own media, events, trainings) to promote positive female role models, improve self-confidence and leadership skills, share experiences, eliminate stereotypes around work.

Employer Branding programs

Design and implementation of equality policies (gender mainstreaming and unconscious bias, auditing of recruitment / pay / promotion process, consolidation of sexual harassment prevention and resolution systems, corporate cultural change).

Co-creation and implementation of work / life balance policies (IT consulting and training on remote work solutions, policies and infrastructure to support employees in their family care needs).

Mentoring programs, community development and content creation for common interest groups within the organisation (women, employees with a family etc.)

Integrated programs

We believe that progressive and socially responsible employers act on their values both inside and outside the organization and we propose programs that aim to empower vulnerable social groups while also investing in the human talent of the company itself:

Outreach mentoring programs from female executives to women from the general population.

Women Career Days | Women Shadowing Weeks

Awareness and training events for specific (male dominated) business sectors

Our team

Women on Top in Business excels thanks to the vision and expertise of a team of carefully selected partners, who cover all areas related to the research, design and implementation of real solutions for equality, diversity and work / life balance.

Companies that have trusted us


Women On Top has already implemented programs on behalf of companies such as Microsoft and Vodafone Hellas.


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