We design and implement diagnostic, consulting, training, project management and communication services, to bring well-documented results in raising the employer and CSR profile of partnering businesses and organizations.

Employer branding

Gender mainstreaming


Why does an organization choose to go deep and explore how it deals with a wide range of gender reated issues? The reason is that any discrimination, harassment or devaluation directly and indirectly affects the engagement of all individuals within the organization and impacts its efficiency.

Improving corporate culture on equality / diversity issues workshops

In these workshops, we explore stereotypes and learn to mitigate their effects, creating a new culture around gender. Together, we lay the foundations for understanding gender mainstreaming practices in order to strengthen the presence of women in all levels and processes, be able to resolve issues arising from gender stereotypes, allow for equal participation and attract male and female talent alike.

Gender mainstreaming A-Z

Workshops, training, consulting, planning, feedback, and personalized suprevision on the implementation of gender mainstreaming-related changes.

Recruitment and development processes auditing

Auditing of the recruitment / promotion / rewards process and reporting back with specific suggestions for positive change. Designing and monitoring the implementation of selected measures through specialized seminars, feedback, supervision and change management processes.

Prevention and management of sexual harassment systems

Using workplace mediation as our main tool, we contribute to effectively preventing but also addressing / solving already manifested incidents of sexual harassment, aiming at managing the crisis and reestablishing the smooth operation of the affected department.

Work/life balance

The integration of policies and practices for the harmonization of workers’ professional and personal lives has been established as a tool to attract, retain and engage valuable talent.

Design and integration of work/life balance policies

Evaluation of existing policies and their practical application throughout the organization. Reporting with specific policy suggestions. Co-designing proposals and implementing selected measures with specialized seminars, feedback, supervision and change facilitation services.

Consulting and training for remote teams management

Diagnosing needs and choosing the right remote collaboration tools that meet all the client’s requirements in terms of security and quality assurance. Employee and line managers training in the use of those tools as well as in maintaining the engagement and productivity of remote working teams.

Work/life balance training and counselling

Group and individual workshops for men and women employees on striking a better balance between their personal and professional lives. Specialized coaching service for mothers returning after maternity leave and workers facing particular challenges such as illness, personal changes or the increased care needs of their families.

Solutions design for the employyes' family care needs

Evaluation of any existing support policies and needs diagnosis according to the size, composition and geographical / operational distribution of all business divisions. Reporting and co-formulating proposals around the support of carers, seasonal or permanent on-site infrastructure and childcare programs, back-up care solutions, etc. Design and implementation of selected proposals complete with project management, feedback, supervision and change facilitation services.

HR support in managing pregnancy / prolonged leave / absenteeism cases

CSR programs



Empowering employees (mainly women or young parents) through continuous training, networking and peer-to-peer support, improves their performance and prospects within the company, while establishing their employer’s active investment in their own potential.

Soft skills/leadership workshops and coaching for the empowerment of female talent

Professional empowerment workshops and individual coaching sessions, specially designed for the needs of female talent within the company. Emphasis on skills that either enhance their career prospects (negotiation, conflict management, leadership, digital skills, risk management, etc.) or will improve their work / family life balance and productivity.

Inspirational and empowering content for women / parent employees

Creating online or offline content that promotes the empowerment and networking of all female talent and/or employees with a family.

Networking / empowerment programs for women and / or young parent employees

A set of tools and initiatives for community development and support: new or existing web-based networking tools, online community content and processes, weekly activities, mastermind groups, parenting seminars, etc.

Internal mentoring and sponsoring programs

Mentors selection and training, mechanisms to engage mentees, specification of duration, processes and goals, relationships monitoring, evaluation and reporting on impact and outcomes.



We believe in communication as a valuable tool towards change. Our experienced consultants work together with the organization’s communication department and leverage the WoTas well as their own platform for crisis management, communication of positive initiatives to the general public and effective internal communication.

Crisis management in sexual harassment / workplace bullying / mental health cases

Crisis management in cases of gender-based professional discrimination, sexual harassment incidents, poor work/life balance performance, etc. Communication consulting, evaluation of existing systems and policies, specific proposals to address the underlying causes.

Auditing promotional and advertising campaigns/messages for possible discriminatory biases

Monitoring, auditing and consulting throughout the conception, creation and diffusion of promotional activities, in cooperation both with the marketing and communication departments of the organisation and with their partners from the advertising market. Crisis management in the event of unmonitored campaigns and messages that become the target of criticism on the basis of their sexist bias.



In a global environment where equality and women’s empowerment has become one of the primary objectives of companies, organizations and entire states, businesses that are actively investing in social responsibility through the promotion of Sustainable Development Goals are called upon to take strategic steps towards gender equality, both within their own network and in the broader communities in which they operate.

Training/networking events for the advancement of women in male-dominated environments

One-day conferences, career fairs and inspirational events aimed at raising awareness within the general female population around a particular industry (e.g. a traditional male-dominated one) or a company that actively invests in female talent.

Mentoring programs for outreach

Mentors selection and training, outreach mechanisms to identify suitable mentees, specification of duration, processes and goals, relationships monitoring, evaluation and reporting on impact and outcomes.

Professional development seminars to empower women from vulnerable groups

Empowerment workshops specifically designed for the needs of female workers (unemployed, working mothers, new or prospective entrepreneurs, students, women in a career change phase). Emphasis on skills that either enhance their career prospects (negotiation, conflict management, leadership, digital skills, risk management, etc.) or help improve their work / family life balance and their productivity (time management, balance of roles, etc.).

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