Mentoring for the undecided

You dream of making the next step in your career but do not know where you are heading? This WoT package was made for you.

The problem

  • You are looking for a new position / challenge / idea, or you want to change career direction, but you are finding it impossible to decide what is your calling AND at the same time what is going to provide for you and your family. (We feel you.)
  • You love doing a lot of things but you do not know if you are good at any of these. You are not sure whether your wishes are equally or even more important than the undeniable “obstacles” you may be facing – your experience, or lack of, the financial crisis, unemployment. (Been there.)

So, you are seeking guidance and support in order to better understand what you want your next professional step to be. (Cheers!)


Mentoring alone can not really help you deal with those issues. Here’s why;

Because mentors are not professional counselors. They are people who are successful in their work and can simply share their experience and knowledge.
Because a mentor must ideally come from the professional field where you come from (or where you want to go), so she does not have the wide experience you need in order to explore many different professional fields.
Because targeting and prioritizing are often inextricably linked to lots of deeply seated personal issues and require systematic personal work that can bypass the insecurities and misconceptions we all carry inside.

The solution

We have created a new Coaching & Mentoring package that can effectively support those of you who are looking for a new direction in life. The package includes:

  • 4 Coaching Sessions (total duration 1-2 months) with one of our carefully selected Women On Top coaches. Our coaches are trained professionals who can, within a specific timeframe, help you set your goals, conclude your initial exploration to 1 or 2 professional fields that are calling out to you, and gain a clear picture of what your next professional steps should be.
  • A 6-month mentoring cycle with a WoT mentor from the field of your choice Or 2 3-month mentoring cycles with two WoT mentors from two different fields you want to explore.
  • Throughout the process, continuous monitoring by the WoT team, with frequent feedback requests and hands-on support.

The cost of the 2 in 1 Coaching & Mentoring package is 220 euros + VAT. You can pay via PayPal or by bank transfer to Piraeus Bank (IBAN GR16 0172 0130 0050 1308 7083 678, beneficiary: THE FAMILY HUB OE).

Our coaches

Pinelopi Theodorakakou | Personal & Executive Coach

Pinelopi wanted to become a journalist and / or writer. She studied Media Studies at the University of Sussex and continued with a Masters in Communications & Public Relations from the University of Westminster in London. The field of Communication and Public Relations won her over for the first 15 years of her working life. Now, as a Certified Personal Coach, she has found her life’s purpose: helping people – mostly women and teens – to create the conditions that will allow them to live their ideal life, in tharmony with their authentic self. At the same time, she has an active role in planning, organizing and coordinating actions of Women On Top as well as the Mentorkids mentoring network for the vocational guidance of teens. Her great love is and will always be books and movies, and she has not yet given up on the dream of someday writing a book.

Eva Karamargiou | HR Consultant

Eva was born in Athens 35 years ago. As is the case with many teenagers around the age of 15, she was called up to decide what will become of her when she grows up. Without much thought or research, she chose to study Psychology. When she finished her studies, she decided to go one step further: she completed a Masters in Human Resource Management, which she probably liked best. Since 2005 she specializes in staff selection, having worked for large organizations under very challenging circumstances. At the same time, she volunteers in supporting individuals who try to find their way through work because she always believes that our job should be a source of creativity and joy!

Ariadne Lada | Leadership & Transformation coach

Ariadne is a leadership & transformation coach, working in the fields of leadership, skills development and career change, and works with teams on reorganization and efficiency projects. She has over 15 years of experience in leadership positions in the human resources departments of large corporations, which has provided her with a good understanding of how people and systems work in the field, as well as of the needs and the skills that each working person needs to be able to find joy in their job!

She has studied Psychology at Executive College Coaching and Organizational Development at Impact Premium Consulting Services and has been working as a coach and executive trainer since 2009. At the same time she is Vice President of the Hellenic Coaching Association and a member of the Diploma in Executive Coaching and OD of Impact Premium Consulting Services.

Victoria Sideri | Personal & Executive Coach

Victoria is a graduate of the Business Administration and Management Department of the Athens University of Economics and Business and holds a Business Psychology postgraduate diploma. Academically she has worked on the concepts of emotional intelligence and leadership styles and how these two are linked with the workplace. She has completed her training as a Personal & Executive Coach at the Athens Coaching Institute and is now a member of its trainers team. She has worked with Unesco Maroussi as a workshop facilitator and gives private sessions as a coach. She also works in the Human Resources department of one of the largest groups in the Logistics sector in Greece, specializing in industrial relations and behavioral motivation in the working environment, personal development within the framework of the professional development of the individual, as well as in the selection and management of human talent.