Summer Camp 2018

A new series of professional empowerment seminars for women, plus childcare for your little ones.

The Women on Top Summer Camp is a series of professional and personal empowerment workshops that help you become your best self at work and manage the changes you want to make in your career: finding a job (or a better one), earning more money, having more free time, taking a new business step, finding your ideal customers, partners, employers, feeling more creative than ever.

It is also an opportunity to network, get inspired and find support from a community of women who are always looking to improve themselves and their lives – all without worrying about who will take care of your little ones (if you have any): in WoT we believe that children and parents can and should develop alongside each other, so we always offer childcare for our young participants (0-12 years), while their mom improves their (and their children’s) prospects in life.

Some of the subjects that we will touch upon in this year’s Summer Camp:

How to promote your work online

Effective negotiations

Networking for those who hate networking

Business plan 101

How to find your purpose at work

Time management

…and much more.

Below you can read more about the two-week curriculum, the cost and the trainers, as well as what of some of the 180 women who have attended Women on Top Summer Camps have to say about these.

Looking forward to having you on board!


When: Daily 11-15/6, from 17.00 to 20.00, and 18-22/6, from 10.00 to 13.00

Where: In -ismos, Efpatridon 17 & Triptolemou, Gazi


– 1 workshop: 40 euros + VAT
– 3 workshop: 100 euros + VAT
– 5 workshop: 150 euros + VAT
– All Summer Camp workshops: 250 euros + VAT

[We have seen the most amazing results in women who decide to invest one or two whole weeks in their professional development. By giving yourself the message that you are determined to make a change and by finding yourself, day in and day out, among women who have similar goals, dreams and needs with you, you are in for a truly transformational experience – try it!]

There’s a 10% discount for those who are registered unemployed and those who sign up with a partner or girlfriend.

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The curriculum of the weekly workshops is as follows:

Monday 11/6 | 17.00-20.00

Negotiation and assertiveness

Eleni Plessa

Do you know how to claim the things you want or qualify for, such as an salary increase or a better division of office work? Do you feel that you are getting heard when you ask for something or do you shy away from negotiation and come out of it feeling exhausted? In this practical workshop, we will learn basic negotiation techniques, focusing on the challenges that we, women, most frequently face: lack of self-confidence, uncritical acceptance of authoritative figures, our fear of pressuring or disappointing our interlocutor. That way we will have all the tools we need to claim our rights and our needs on equal terms and treat each negotiation as an opportunity, rather than as a nightmare.

Tuesday 12/6 | 17.00-20.00

How to promote yourself online | Stella Kasdagli

What image do I project to my potential employers, clients and/or business associates before I get to meet them in person? How do I present myself and my work on the internet? How can I use digital media in order to establish myself as a specialist in my field and avoid mistakes that will tar my reputation? In this workshop, through practical examples and exercises, we will learn how to create content that supports and does not damage our professional image. We will build and broaden the audience that follows and appreciates our work, expand our network, attract job and collaboration offers and / or use the internet in order to make our next professional step easier.

Wednesday 13/6 | 17.00-20.00

What will you be when you grow up? | Eva Karamargiou & Penelope Theodorakakou

If you always knew what job you want to do, this seminar is not for you.
But if…
– you are stuck in a job that does not satisfy you (although you have no idea what else you could do)
– you feel you have no particular talents
– you feel that there’s so many thing that you like, that you can not focus on anything at all
… then this workshop can help you easily and efficiently design your next professional steps.
Within 3 hours, through practical exercises, we will look closely at the questions that will help you find the answer to the 1 million dollar question: what will you be when you grow up?

Thursday 14/6 | 17.00-20.00

Business Plan 101 – How to Build a Business Idea Dimitris Kouletsis

Is your business idea stagnating because you do not have the right business plan to support it? In this three-hour workshop:
We will go in depth about the value of having a business plan for the development, financing and sustainability of any entrepreneurial idea.
We will work with practical exercises on how to create and write a business plan.
We will demystify the fear that we most of us feel before the blank business plan template.
We will start building the necessary tools (budget, marketing, strategy) in order for our idea to take shape before our eyes.
We will reap all the benefits of such a process, laying the foundation for the success of any professional effort of ours.

Friday 15/6 | 17.00-20.00

Take control of your finances TBC

The aim of this workshop is for participants to acquire all the necessary practical knowledge and tools to take control of their finances. We will talk about budgeting and monitoring, creating a realistic savings plan, successfully repaying our debts and investing – all without fear and passion, but with ease and efficiency. Some questions we will answer are:

– What is the easiest way to build a budget?
– How do I keep ahead my budget and stay consistent?
– Does it make sense for me to repay my debts first and then save or vice versa?
– What can I do if I have reached a point of despair with my debts?
– How can I save money on a low income?
– What’s the best way to go about my first investment?

Because money may not be everything, however it’s a great way for you to start making your dreams come true.


Monday 18/6 | 10.00-13.00

The keys to finding a job: search, resume, interview

Eva Karamargiou

Looking for your next job but feeling that you are constantly making circles around yourself? Sending too many CVs without actually getting anywhere? Going to lots of interviews but never getting the response you want?
In this three-hour workshop:
– You will learn the most effective job search techniques, including using your network, searching through traditional channels and of course leveraging social media
– You will get all the information that will help you build the best CV you have ever had and avoid the mistakes made even by great candidates.
– You will get the tools that will help you be your best self in every professional interview you go to – managing your anxiety, giving the right answers and asking the best questions.

Tuesday 19/6 | 10.00-13.00

Networking for those who hate networking

Stella Kasdagli

Even if you recognize the value of having a wide and diverse professional network, which you can rely on for each business step, there are many obstacles that you may feel are getting in your way. You may not know where to start or get scared when approaching people you do not know. You may get shy and think that everyone is more worthy than you or you may just not have the time to do all the work that you think is necessary. In this workshop you will discover the tools to deal with all these limitations and create a strong network of people that can completely change your professional (and maybe personal) life.

Wednesday 20/6 | 10.00-13.00

The secrets of presentations and public speaking

Alexia Axiotis

Do you want to share a story with your friends, present an idea in the next week’s board meeting, or speak at an international conference about your work? The “secret tools” are the same! In this workshop we will find the way to operate more confidently, to use body and language in order to better express our ideas and to overcome the anxiety and nervousness that come with every public speaking opportunity. We will learn communication tools, strategies and easy-to-use tips that will bring immediate results.

Thursday 21/6 | 10.00-13.00

My Personal Saboteur

Venia Delikaterini

We all carry our own restrictive beliefs, our own saboteur. He is with us in every new step, every new beginning. When we give him space, he keeps telling us “Where are you going? You will not make it. You can’t.” He is the one who convinces us that we are really not going to make it.
In this psychodrama-centered workshop we will answer the following questions:
– What can I do to deal with my personal saboteur?
– Who is it and why does he make things so difficult for me?
– Can I really eliminate him or do I need to accept him as part of myself?
– Can I make peace with him?

Friday 22/6 | 10.00-13.00

Lost time, recovered

Penelope Theodorakakou

If you are constantly under pressure, if you feel that you do not have enough time to do everything that you want or need to, if you feel that the hours of the day are never enough, and that you are constantly running around without eventually doing much, then this seminar is for you.
What does effective time management really mean? Why do you need it?

In this workshop, we will learn:
– What are the benefits of effective time management?
– What is stopping you from managing your time effectively and how can you overcome those?
– How can you manage your time? What do you need to change?
– What skills do you need to take back control of your day?

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At a turning point for my professional career, participating in the first Summer Camp acted as a catalyst, both for what followed then and for what I am building for the future, giving me the necessary “food for thought” and the guidelines I needed. After the summer camp, just the fact that I knew WoT would be “there” when I was ready to use it was very important for me.


Sometimes talking about what you love, within a group of such special women, fills your heart with joy more than a frozen margarita in the heat of summer would! Thank you Women On Top and best of luck in everything that you do! It was great and I wanted more of it … Congratulations! (Childcare was a huge perk.)


I spoke at length to my friends and family about the Summer Camp, with excitement during it and with nostalgia after its completion. Its benefit became obvious to everyone as I started to slowly apply all the little things we learned. Meeting with so many different women gives you inspiration, answers and the courage to go on.


Thank you, Women On Top and Stella Kasdagli for the joy I felt, the new friends I got and for the peace that I enjoyed throughout these two weeks (this is very important for a stressful person like me.)


The WoT Summer Camp gave me the opportunity to become again part of what is going on out there, having been cut off for several years from the labor market, but also to listen to women’s stories which are similar but also totally different from mine -something that always contributes to my sense of belonging.


Your idea was fantastic! Some days were very revealing to me about what keeps me away from my “top”! We are waiting for the next Summer Camp in order to bring more Women… on Top!


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