Ανθή Μαλτέζα

Ανθή Μαλτέζα

UX Designer | Ανθρωποκεντρικός σχεδιασμός ψηφιακών προϊόντων

Anthi is a User Experience and Digital Product designer, with a multidisciplinary design background, currently working on creative projects that combine a human-centered approach, a lean methodology and a collaborative mindset. She studied MSc Design and Digital Media at The University of Edinburgh and Interior Architecture and Design at Technological Educational Institute of Athens. She has worked with new businesses, startups and traditional businesses on a range of projects (web/mobile app design, web platforms, visual brand design etc) and she runs her business as a freelancer – remotely – for the past 6 years. Experienced city runner, regular yoga practitioner, cat owner, side-gig generator, always exploring the idea of work-life integration.


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