Dina Ntziora

Dina Ntziora

Arts Manager - Creative Producer

Dina has been living and working in the UK since 2004, managing successful arts projects and organisations and has recently moved back to Athens to work for the British Council as Cultural Skills coordinator. Her work experience is in management, setting up and developing effective systems as well as event production, administration and planning. She has always enjoyed working within a team and has been leading teams for the last 6 years together with managing Human Resources administration and appraisals. She has worked in various teams with diverse backgrounds, aims and objectives and has also gone the extra mile to support the end result and deliver a project. She has a friendly personality, thrives through creative problem solving and has managed various projects on tight time scales and budgets.

She believes in strong female representation in management environments and empowering young females to shine through their work in the arts and evens sector. She has worked in partnership with artists, local communities and organisations and has also developed various start up creative businesses and engagement work programmes thought the arts.

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