Liliane Mavridara

Liliane Mavridara

Author, Holistic Life Coach, Cross-Cultural Consultant

Liliane synthesizes an eclectic educational and professional background with work experience in Greece and in diverse communities in US, where she has been based for the past 20 years. Through her writing, coaching and group facilitation she focuses on personal development, mind-body and holistic health, creativity and intimacy, women’s empowerment and leadership. Liliane is the author of «Live Brightly, A Spiritual Guide For Women: How To Move From Dissatisfaction And Loneliness To Integrity, Joy And Right Relations», and of “The Way We Love Now, A Poetic Trilogy Capturing The Heart’s Journey To Find True Love.” She has also published numerous articles on personal development and holistic living for print and online media.

Washington, DC-Athens, GR

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