Marianna Christodoulou

Marianna Christodoulou

Marketing and Communications specialist, Sworn Translations and Writer

Marianna is a Greek who left to join an international corporation in the other side of the world and work with people from around the globe. She has lived the last 6 years in Greece, Italy, Portugal, U.S.A., South Africa, Kenya and Zambia due to work and volunteering. She has studied Marketing and communication in AUEB and her working experience involves Marketing, Communications, Tourism, Writing and Translations. She contributes in a business Magazine in Zambia which is distributed in the Southern African countries and the U.A.E. She is also writing articles in tourism and reviews for products and places.

She is fluent in Greek, English, Italian and speak basic French and Japanese. Working abroad has given her the priceless qualities she has today. Her favourite part is working with people from around the world and learn more about the countries, languages and places.



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