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Stefanie Behrendt

Stefanie is a professional in the real estate industry with over 10 years of working experience in real estate management. During her studies with a strong focus on sustainability in the built world, she worked as a commercial real estate consultant. At the age of 25 Stefanie managed the real estate department for an NPO consisting of 30 properties, a vehicle fleet and insurances for over 500 employees. Furthermore, she is a licensed property developer and trustee. After implementing a change management model, she left her job as a project manager in 2016 and travelled to Asia which paved the way for a major personal transformation. Today, she organises yoga retreats around the globe and is the CEO and founder of wegozero, a zero waste consultancy, based in Amsterdam. From 2019 she shares her expertise in the field of real estate & blockchain as a regional chair Greece for Fibree.