TITLΜπέσσυ Μαστραντώνη

Μπέσσυ Μαστραντώνη

Bessy's 15-year working experience includes communications, sales, PR, Marketing, tourism and teaching posts. Having worked as an Assistant Project Coordinator for a public relations company and at the PR department of a private bank, she obtained experience in most tasks of a Press Office, namely drawing up press releases, preparing press material, dealing with the media, organizing press activities and generally acting as a press officer. In addition, she has working experience at the sales department of Harley Davidson. There, she was in charge of coordinating the international exhibitions, where she obtained many organizational skills. Next, she worked as a Look Manager, at the communications department of the Olympic Games Organizing Committee, in a multinational and very demanding environment, where she was responsible for the Coordination of all activities regarding the supervision of the “Look of the Games” 2004. After that, she worked for 1,5 year in Amsterdam at the customer service department of NikeiD, where she was serving customers in 5 languages. After having her two sons, she worked for Publisto, in the digital publishing field, where she came in contact with the latest technologies, social media marketing, reviewers and the whole new digital world of developers. Lately, she has been taking up projects in the digital content industry, such as editing, blogging, maintaing social media accounts and the like. One of her latest work positions was at QualityNet Foundation, specializing in the ‘corporate social responsibility’ sector (CSR), where she worked as Content Manager for the Initiative "Sustainable Greece 2020". Currently, she works for Vikos Relays and iRemember as Social Media Manager. She is also a foreign language junkie, having learned and taught several languages and disposing the uncanny ability to always learn more (and more).