Constantina Theofanopoulou

 Dr. Constantina Theofanopoulou has a PhD in Neuroscience (University of Barcelona, University of Duke, Rockefeller University) and is currently a Post-Doctoral researcher at the University of Rockefeller (New York, USA). Her research encompasses several areas from neuroscience to genomics. She is particularly interested in the neurobiology of language, in human anthropology and evolution, as well as in comparative genomics. She is currently a member of the Vertebrate Genomes Project that aims to sequence at high quality all 70.000 extant vertebrate species’ genomes and restore biodiversity. Since the COVID-19 outbreak, she has been involved in several projects related to treatment, evolutionary understanding, and human response to Sars-CoV-2. She is a strong advocate for supporting women and other underrepresented minorities in STEM, and currently serves as a mentor in the New York Academy of Sciences. She has received important scientific awards, as well as awards for her skills in science communication. In her free time, she enjoys writing poetry and practicing flamenco dance.


New York