TITLΚουτουμάνου Δήμητρα

Δήμητρα Κουτουμάνου

Working as a self-employed midwife for over five years, Dimitra has made it her goal to empower and support women on their unique journey of pregnancy and giving birth.

After graduating from the University of Applied Health Sciences in Bochum, Germany she gained experience in her occupation, accompanying numerous mothers-to-be during pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

Early on she decided to specialize in homebirths, which provide a protected, personal and peaceful environment for both the mother and the newborn child.

Dimitra’s priorities are a resource-oriented, empowering and evidence-based approach through building a connection of mutual trust.

Born and raised as a multilingual person herself, she is competent at practicing in German, Greek and English.

Dimitra strongly believes in the power and autonomy every woman contains within herself and is an active advocate of the humanisation of childbirth.

In 2020 Dimitra became the creator and host of the first Greek Midwifery podcast “Logos Maion” in which she interviews people from different backgrounds with the mission to educate about the wisdom and the challenges of today's birth culture. Her goal is to inform future mothers about their rights and freedom of choices within the Greek health system.