TITLΑποστολοπούλου Κανέλλα

Κανέλλα Αποστολοπούλου

Kanella is a growth-focused Marketing and Digital Strategist with extensive experience in technology, smartphones, apps, services, and telecommunications sectors. Collaborative communicator and relationship builder with a history of maintaining open lines of communication with key strategic partners (Apple, Samsung, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Sony). Capable of designing, testing, and leading complex technology products and brand launches in collaboration with stakeholders across 22 EU and Non-EU markets (includ. UK, DE, SP, IT, USA, Australia, Africa).

Kanella is also adept at spearheading global channel, offline, and digital marketing initiatives in subscription models and regulated market in conjunction with device partners. She played a major role in the establishment and ongoing management of internal GTM and marketing teams. Creative problem solver with an aptitude for designing and deploying innovative marketing and customer acquisition strategy in all ages groups to secure long-term portfolio growth. Highly transferable skill set with the capacity to apply core competencies and expertise in any commercial environment including small business, large corporate, or startup entities.