TITLΜαριάννα Τσουλιά

Μαριάννα Τσουλιά

Marianna is an accredited Mediator-Facilitator- Consultant (freelancer) and a Cross border Mediator (Directive 2008/52/EC). She is the Former Managing Director of Thessaloniki Tourism Non Profit Organization and member of the National Tourism Conference Committee, the Former Managing Director ICAP group S.A. Northern Greece and a Senior  Consultant in MELLONGROUP OF COMPANIES SA and other companies.

Previously, she served for 24 years in National Bank of Greece Group (NBG group) within Senior Executive and Managerial positions in Greece and Southeastern Europe. As an International Bank Executive she has been assigned to take role in the Due Diligence and the acquisition procedures by NBG group of the Turkish FINANS BANK (20/2-17/3/2006) Istanbul, the Ukraine Due Diligence of Ukraine INGEX BANK, Kiev (1/2003) and the Banca Commerciala Romana (BCR) Due Diligence (12/2005) Romania, Bucharest.In a local level, she served as Manager and Team leader in SMEs business in the Credit Centers of NBG. She participated in projects of the absorbing and implementation of European Committee financing support programs (3rd part of E.U.framework) and has also served as a branch manager and a key non-performing loans administrative senior analyst.
She holds an MBA executive/The University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki, with a thesis in “Bank’s solvency: Risk identification and management methodology”. She is certified in Financial Analysis (University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki) and she holds a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree (DVM) at Aristoteles University-Greece. She speaks and writes fluently in English, Romanian and Turkish in beginner level, understanding French and Italian. She is a lecturer at The University of Macedonia, a speaker and panel participant. She is an author in Businesswoman magazine and portal and a member of Piraeus Mediation Centre (BAR of Piraeus, Greece), the Pan- Hellenic Veterinary Association and the Geotechnical Chamber of Greece, as well as the Secretary Gen. for NBG employees' Thessaloniki’s Club for sport and cultural activities “OFETE” (2011-14).
Born in Thessaloniki, Greece, she is the mother of a daughter and two sons and the grandmother of Chrysa and Stefanis.

Θεσσαλονίκη, Αθήνα


Marianna is an ideal mentor. She never ever saw an email that I wrote and I don’t think I ever had to show her. She simply gave me three pointers of how to address issues and I have followed those to an overall improvement. I would say that 60% - 70% of my emails follow Marianna’s recommendations.