Νίκη Σόρογκα

Niki is a PhD candidate/researcher (scientific field: Solid State Physics, High
Pressure Raman spectroscopy, 2D Materials) at the Physics Department of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece (AUTH). She received her M.Sc. degree in “Materials Physics and Technology” from the same department in 2017 and her Electrical and Computer Engineering diploma (MEng/M.Sc.) from the Polytechnic Faculty of Engineering
(AUTH) in 2014. She worked as a Visiting Researcher at the Institute of Chemical Engineering Sciences of the Foundation of Research and Technology Hellas (ICE-HT/FORTH) in Patras, Greece during 2017. From 2004 she has also gained all-around working experience from the Greek Public sector (Engineer/ Instructor) and various Startups (Front-end Developer). She is
a STEM community leader in Thessaloniki and a mentor/volunteer for more than ten years in many non-profit organizations, or for various international causes. She is a member of the Hellenic Society for the Science and Technology of Condensed Matter since 2017 and member of the Optics and Spectroscopy Lab (EROPFA) of the Physics Department AUTH.When she is not in the lab, she dives into Digital Media and Communications Marketing as she is skilled in Digital Strategy and Events organization. You will also find her blogging daily and managing a global team of writers with her fun Australian accent (as she grew up inSydney until the age of 11) on her global award-winning music and culture website giveitaspin.gr. Passionate about women empowerment, she loves sharing experiences, diving into new challenges and helping others!