TITLΧωρέμη Στεφανία

Stephanie Choremi

Stephanie was born and raised in Athens-Greece, then went on to complete her business management degree in London and immediately after, in 2010, she embarked on a career in the luxury hospitality industry back in Greece. In 2015 the political and economic environment in Greece escalated and she decided to make a big change and move to New York, to pursue a new and dynamic career path, in fresh surroundings. On her New York adventure she transitioned to a career in the Finance industry, specifically in the field of Human Resources. After three intense years in the Big Apple she happily welcomed the opportunity to move back to Athens, taking on the role of HR Manager for the same firm.

Throughout her professional journey Stephanie has been discovering new skills, testing her limits and overcoming life’s challenges. She has embraced change when needed, making decisions led by intuition and her inner values and beliefs. She strives to continuously improve her quality of life and feel professional and personal fulfilment in anything she does.