Inclusivity Lounge @TIF: Α hub for equity and inclusion in Health

Kατηγορία εκδήλωσης: Inclusivity Lounge

On Friday, September 15, the Thessaloniki International Fair will host, for the 2nd consecutive year, the Inclusivity Lounge organized by Women On Top, with the support of MSD, Bayer, L’Oréal Hellas, Deloitte and the British Council, with the courtesy participation of W.I.N. Hellas, under the auspices of the Ministry of Social Cohesion & Family and the US Embassy in Greece.

The Inclusivity Lounge, with this year’s theme “Health in Unequal Times”, will once again create a safe place to meet, think, exchange ideas and network, with selected speakers analyzing issues that fall under the broader theme of gender equality and inclusion to health.

Which under-represented groups are excluded from health research, structures and services, and what are the practices that mitigate discrimination? How does the equality-diversity-inclusion triad apply to people working in the health sector? What are the multiple exclusions seen in the health entrepreneurship and technology field? And what, finally, are the invisible aspects of women’s physical and mental health?

After the very successful organization of the Inclusivity Lounge at the Delphi Economic Forum, our goal is to raise the above questions at the heart of the Thessaloniki International Fair, so that the discussion on equality, diversity and inclusion can be opened in a meaningful way, in a era where public health issues claim an important place in the public debate.

This year, for the first time, the Inclusivity Lounge will include the parallel event StandUp Against Street Harassment by W.I.N. Hellas, a workshop that deals with health and safety in the public space, focusing on the prevention and fight against gender-based violence.

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Program Inclusivity Lounge @TIF 2023 | Health in Unequal Times
15 September 2023

14.30-15.30 Workshop on health and safety in public spaces | StandUp Against Street Harassment by W.I.N. Hellas
– The workshop will open with a discussion on the topics of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in the Corporate Environment.

16.00-16.15 Welcome remarks

16.15-17.15 Panel discussion | Diversity & Accessibility: Health for All

17.15-18.00 Panel discussion | Equality, Diversity & Inclusion: How does it affect healthcare workers?

18.00-18.30 Panel discussion | Health Tech: How Inclusive Is Innovation?

18.30-19.00 Panel discussion | Women & Mental Health: The Changing Puzzle

19.00-19.45 Panel discussion | The invisible aspects of women’s health

20.00-20.30 Drinks and networking

* Part of the discussions will be held in English