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Our volunteers

Our volunteers

Our volunteers, both women and men, are a source of invaluable support and inspiration to all of us. We rely on them to make our work even more impactful, and to keep us accountable to our values and responsibilities.

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Gina Theofilidou

Member of the WoT management team

Gina Theofilidou is a highly motivated and skilled Business Support Professional with over 28 years of experience as a Management Assistant covering different positions in Greek and multinational companies. In 2014 she founded Your Distance Assistance, a Virtual Business Support Services that specializes in providing remote administrative, and communication services to small businesses, entrepreneurs, associations and nonprofit organizations  who prefer to outsource various tasks to optimize their operational efficiency.

TITLΣτεφανία Γεράκη

Stefania Yeraki

Member of the WoT event support team

Stefania is a master’s student in Counseling, Career Guidance and Lifelong Learning at University of Athens. As she has always shown interest in societal issues, particularly those related to gender equality, she decided to become a volunteer in WoT. Traveling is her passion because she enjoys discovering new places and meeting new people and she believes that food brings people together which is why she is always trying new recipes.


Are you thinking about becoming a WoT volunteer?

What we offer

  • The ability to make a valuable contribution to your community, tailored to your availability, experience, and skills.
  • The opportunity to develop your talents and knowledge, by gaining experience in areas that will help advance your career and enhance your résumé.
  • Continuous guidance and support from the WoT team.
  • Discounted or free participation in services, seminars and events, or services and products offered by our partners.
  • A free 3-month mentoring programme.
  • Access to a pool of reliable information and sources related to your work and professional pursuits.
  • Opportunities to showcase your contribution and see it recognised via your profile and the Women On Top platform (“Volunteer of the year”, workshops, and other personal and professional visibility opportunities).
  • Better access to the media and other channels for communicating and promoting your work.

What we ask

  • Your commitment for the timeframe that we will agree upon in advance.
  • An investment of time and effort that you feel can be integrated in your schedule.
  • Your willingness to follow the main guidelines (safety, confidentiality, behaviour) governing the operation of WoT.
  • Your cooperation in the assessment process of your work and ours.

Do you want to volunteer for Women On Top?

Review our current needs and see if you can support us.

Do you want to be a mentor?

If you have more than 3 years of professional experience, we want you onboard!