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We believe that learning is a lifelong process, and that the more you learn the better you become at your work. This is why we design and implement training experiences aimed at developing your personal and professional skills, arming you with all necessary assets to get as close as possible to your dreams. We focus on employability, entrepreneurship, leadership, and financial resilience skills, but we continuously enrich our programme with topics that you, our beneficiaries, suggest. Get more information on our planned training activities here. Note that we offer childcare services for children aged 2-12 in all our face-to-face seminars, so that our children can grow along with ourselves.

Our programs


Economy Class | Financial Literacy Training Program

calendar icon 14 Feb 2024 — 13 Nov 2024
calendar icon 18:00 - 20:00
calendar icon Online

The non-profit organization Women On Top and Alpha Bank are organizing, within the framework of the corporate social responsibility initiative IQonomy, the new series of the free training program "Economy Class". The 9-month training course is aimed at women over 18 years of age and aims to develop their financial resilience, familiarize them with basic principles of financial literacy and develop the skills that will help them manage their financial future with confidence.

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calendar icon Completed

Ready for Work #8 | Employability Skills Camp for the Energy field

calendar icon 01 Apr 2024 — 05 Apr 2024
calendar icon 10:00 - 15:00
calendar icon Online

Ready for Work, the specialized training and employability program of Women On Top, announces its 8th cycle! With the cooperation and support of the Motor Oil Group, 30 young women who are about to graduate or have already graduated from Engineering Schools, will be equipped with the necessary tools and develop the skills they need to succeed in the Energy field.


Participants’ feedback on Women On Top programs

ALTWomen On Top Testimonials

I would unreservedly recommend the programme to any woman who is now taking her first professional steps, as she will experience an environment that is filled with safety, love, acceptance and understanding, and, aside from all this, all of us who participated learned a lot about ourselves, the steps we can take in the future, what we need to pay attention to in terms of communication, boundaries, our rights, and many more.

M.T. 21 years old, Participant in the Ready For Work @ Life Sciences Program

ALTWomen On Top Testimonials

The interactive Financial Literacy Workshops were proven essential for my development, since after years of studies and professional steps, I can say that it is the first year that I have started to gain control over my finances. The workshop instructors answered our every question with professionalism and knowledge surrounding their field. They made sure to make every subject personal, a fact that helped us in gaining a deeper understanding, which is not all that common in the seminar context, even though it should be! The workshop’s organisation truly set an example for others to follow; there were no technical problems significantly interrupting the workshop flow. The timeframes were kept to a reasonable degree, there was support from the entire team on technical or other issues, and the work that had been put into every element of the programme was evident.

M.T. 30 years old, Participant in the Financial Literacy Program

ALTWomen On Top Testimonials

“Ready for Work” is a programme that ultimately benefits you much more than you expect. I have not come across anything like it, when in five days you see what the work reality is looking for, and what you have to give, to offer and to receive in this entire venture of your professional journey and career.

M.K. 23 years old, Participant in the Ready For Work @ Life Sciences program

ALTWomen On Top Testimonials

Over the course of a year, once a month I met with dynamic and supportive women, who trained me in economic matters. I was able to ask any question I had on financial issues, even the things I was ashamed to ask or discuss with the people in my circle. I was empowered through planning my finances and was able to put some money aside for myself, using the different principles and practical ideas that I heard. It was worth every minute.

Ε.Κ. 44 years old, Participant in the Financial Literacy Program

ALTWomen On Top Testimonials

The “Money Matters: Financial Literacy Programme” helped a lot with my financial confidence and the sense that if I have the means and ways to get financial independence, I am self-sufficient and therefore do not need to depend on others. I feel a little more educated and literate.

K.P. 36 years old, Participant in the Financial Literacy Program