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Book Club

#StoRafi: The WoT book club


In our book club #StoRafi we read books related to the potential and experiences of women, starting (but not ending) with gender equality and our professional growth. At the beginning of each month, we propose a book to the members of the book club. At the end of the month we meet, either in person or online, to exchange opinions about what we’ve read; discuss the issues the book tackles; talk with people involved in the creation or related to the theme of the book; discover more books and create a community where our love of reading meets our vision for equal participation of all genders in all aspects of life. You are welcome to join #StoRafi whether or not you are an avid reader, whether or not you already have strong opinions about the issues we will be discussing, whether or not you’ve had the chance to read the book of the month. See below for answers to frequently asked questions about the book club, learn about this month’s book and meeting, and join us at #StoRafi!


The books we are reading together are announced at the beginning of each month on our website, social media, and newsletter. Meetings are held at the end of each month, between 18:00-20:00 in the evening.


Online via Zoom or face-to-face at the hospitable space of the Library on Gender and Equality, at 9 Kratinou and Athinas St, in downtown Athens.

Our books and meetings


What exactly is a book club?

A book club is made up by people who like to read and to build a community with the aim to discover, read and discuss more great books – even books they would have never chosen to read otherwise. Sometimes, these people have something more in common (their place of residence, their workplace, or a shared interest, much like we share our interest in women’s empowerment and equality in public life) and may base the content or the meetings of their club around that.

Keep in mind that a book club is not necessarily and exclusively composed of bookworms, intellectuals, or scholars. And it’s not necessary that every member reads the book proposed by the club every month, without ever missing a meeting. In the end, a book club is composed of people who love books and stories, and who wish to learn something more, together.

How do I become a member?

Participation in #StoRafi is completely free, and no special registration is required.

To keep informed about the book we are reading each month, it is best to regularly check the WoT website or follow us on social media, or, better yet, sign up for our monthly newsletter to make sure you receive all necessary information.

To join one or all our meetings you simply need to show up!

We will greatly appreciate it if you are on time (we start on time); if you don’t hesitate to share your opinion (no matter how unique it may seem); if you ask questions; and if you propose books that you may have read or heard about. And feel free to bring your friends, too!

If you really like this process and work at a company or organisation, you can also suggest to your HR to contact us, so we can organise a book club especially for you.

Do I need to be a woman to participate?

Not necessarily! Women On Top is an inclusive organisation and we are very pleased to have women, men and non-binary persons who are interested in gender equality and inclusion join our events. We just ask you to observe the principles of respect and empathy that form the basis of everything we try to accomplish -irrespective of your gender.

Can I come to a meeting if I have not read the book of the month?

Of course! The club meetings are in themselves a chance to listen, learn, exchange views, and form an opinion, not only about the books we are reading but also about the important issues tackled in these books. In most of our meetings you will have the opportunity to also listen to speakers that are somehow related to the book of the month or its theme, and who will be there to share their unique perspective with us.

Why does Women On Top need a book club?

Our question is, why did it take us so long to create one!

You see, in our experience, within and outside of WoT, communities of people who come together, either face-to-face or online, around a subject that interests them, are discovering the best ways to learn, network, feel stronger, shape or change their opinions, and communicate. Books provide us with innumerable subjects like that – never mind that they are a subject in themselves.

We also believe that reading is essentially a social process, which means that it becomes a lot more meaningful, enjoyable, and effective when we do it together or in parallel with other people whom we trust and value.

For us, at WoT, this book club is a special opportunity to discuss with people who are interested in our work and vision on issues that are not sufficiently addressed in our daily life but which, in our opinion, are critical to ensure fairness, growth and prosperity for everyone.

How can I propose a book?

In any way you please, it will make us very happy!

You can send an email to info@womenontop.gr or use the contact form or any of our social media pages to send us a message, or you can join one of our meetings and propose the book in person.

Just make sure the book you have in mind is translated into Greek, is in circulation, and is in some way related to the themes, interests and vision of Women On Top.