Women On Topic Podcast

Women On Topic: A podcast/livecast by Women On Top


Women On Topic is a podcast/livecast dedicated to women’s professional empowerment and equality at work. We use audio and/or video to talk about diversity and inclusion in the workplace, about gender discrimination in our daily life, and about the tools and opportunities we have at our disposal in order to make work one of the best parts of our lives. 

The podcast: In our monthly episodes, we talk with women and men who bring a positive change to the field that they love, we explore issues of workplace inequalities and, of course, we share all our new programs and initiatives. 

The livecast: We also often go live on Facebook, together with people, groups, associates, and members of the WoT team who are willing to share with us their meaningful initiatives, new concerns, original ideas and life experiences. Find out about the exact date of the livecast on social media, our website, and our newsletter, and look for past episodes on our YouTube channel.


One podcast episode every month. Livecasts are less regular but equally amazing!


You can listen to the Women On Topic podcast on our website or Spotify, Buzzsprout, Google podcasts & Apple podcasts, Amazon music, Castbox and Black Lemon. Our livecast streams live on the WoT Facebook page, and you can find all previous episodes on our YoutTube channel.


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What exactly is a podcast?

A podcast is an audio file that you can listen to for free on your smartphone, tablet or computer. You can listen to it wherever and whenever you like, while you are walking or driving or exercising or even doing your household chores.

Worldwide, there are now more than 800.000 podcasts available, in more than 100 languages – which means that, in total, there are 30 million episodes waiting for you to listen to them. Think of any subject that interests you. Chances are that a related podcast is somewhere out there!

So how does it differ from radio?

The truth is that podcasts do resemble radio shows, but they are also quite different. First of all, they are not broadcasted live, which means you can listen to them wherever and however you want. You can fast-forward or rewind or pause them, you can subscribe to their notifications so you never miss out on an episode, and you can share them with whomever you want.

You don’t even have to be online or have good reception; all you need to do is download the podcasts you want on your favourite device.

And why should I listen to Women On Topic?

Because it is the first podcast in Greece dealing with women’s professional empowerment and equality in public life.

Because it will give you the opportunity to hear about the experiences of many different women and men; learn information and news on gender equality from all over the world; find out tools to help you grow at work and draw ideas to help you look for and find out more about how you can bring positive change.

Because you can listen to it without having to invest extra time out of your daily life – we listen to our favourite podcasts when we are stuck in traffic or travelling, when we are out running, when we are doing chores around the house or when we are queuing at the tax office.

Because with your ideas and comments, you too can contribute to our mission of creating better and more interesting content for everyone interested in the future of work, diversity and inclusion, and the ways in which we can grow and become more creative.