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Webinar | Tackling gender stereotypes and biases in technology

calendar icon 04 October 2023
calendar icon 17:00 - 18:30
calendar icon Online
Kατηγορία εκδήλωσης: Empowerment, Equality at Work

An empowerment workshop, within the framework of the FEMIN-ICT program

What are the gender stereotypes and biases faced by women in the ICT sector? What are the implications of gender biases for our own career and what strategies can we use to effectively address them and create inclusive work environments? What are our work goals and how will we make our professional vision a reality?

Women On Top, in collaboration with Stimmuli for Social Change and within the framework of the FEMIN-ICT program, will answer the above questions on Wednesday, October 4, 17:00-18:30, in a webinar on tackling gender stereotypes and prejudices in the ICT sector.


In this workshop, we will present statistics and findings from the research we have carried out on gender bias in the ICT sector, and analyze the key terms of gender discrimination, creating a common vocabulary that will help us understand the concepts in depth and manage unconscious biases.

Together we’ll dive into a conversation about the barriers we’ve faced and entrenched practices that affect women’s participation and representation in ICT, and analyze strategies, tools and initiatives that can play an important role in supporting women and entrepreneurs working (or wanting to work!) in the industry.

In addition, in the webinar we will get to know the Femin-ICT Visions & Values self-assessment tool created by Stimmuli for Social Change, with which we will identify our values, set our work goals, and formulate our personal and professional vision development.


Επιπλέον, στο webinar θα γνωρίσουμε το εργαλείο αυτοαξιολόγησης Femin-ICT Visions & Values που έχει δημιουργήσει η Stimmuli for Social Change, με το οποίο θα αναγνωρίσουμε τις αξίες μας, θα θέσουμε τους εργασιακούς μας στόχους, και θα διατυπώσουμε το όραμα της προσωπικής και επαγγελματικής μας ανάπτυξης.

If you are employed in the field of technology and new technologies or are interested in pursuing a career in this sector, register for the webinar.

*FEMIN-ICT is a collaboration of 7 organizations from 6 EU countries, which aims to tackle the under-representation of women in the field of Technology, and to encourage more women to enter the ICT sector, giving them the tools they need to succeed, and promoting their equal participation, representation and treatment