Lydia Manitsidou

Architect-Workplace Designer

Lydia is an architect engineer with studies at the Department of Architecture of the A.U.T.H. and a master’s degree at the E.M.P., on “Architectural planning of space: Design, Space, Culture”. She has fifteen years of experience in the design, supervision and construction of buildings. She is, together with Thomas Balogiannis, co-founder of the architectural office b m – a r c h i l a b, in which they design and create together in various areas of architectural design and practice, at various scales and for various uses: residences, shops, public buildings, hospitality spaces and workplaces. Since 2009, Thomas and Lydia have focused particularly on workplace design and have gained expertise through the projects they have been assigned. They have analyzed, designed and implemented workplaces that make up the work environment for over 5,000 employees. At the same time, they create very special hospitality and residential spaces. They use methodological analysis tools to create “smart”, flexible and multifunctional spaces, with special care for the well-being of the users of the space, and use all modern tools and systems to achieve the best possible spatial conditions with environmental sensitivity.