Maria-Anna Lamprou

Member of the WoT translation team

Marianna was born and raised in Athens. She spent some of her childhood and teenage years in Belgium, in a quite multicultural suburb of Brussels. Her staying there, along with traveling with her family in Western Europe, shaped her into being open-minded and tolerant about other people’s habits and cultures. She studied French Language and Literature in National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. She has also attended the one-year translation training program, as well as the literary translation and subtitling seminars of metaφραση Translator Training Center in Athens. Currently, she is working as a freelance translator-subtitler.

From November 2021 to July 2022, Marianna attended the monthly seminars of Womentors about young women’s empowerment. In 2022, she decided to join Women on Top as a volunteering translator.

Marianna is an avid bookworm since childhood, she plays violin and makes handmade macramé jewelry as a hobby, practices yoga, loves traveling, listening to music, watching movies and series, and she sees herself as the absolute anime girl!