Mina Misyrli

Financial & Business Development Advisor | Certified Adult Trainer | Financial & Business Coach

Mina is a financial management, and business development consultant, founder of Jargon Buster. She collaborates with small and medium businesses, new business owners, and freelancers to facilitate financial management and get more confidence in financial and business procedures, so as to create the space to focus on business development. She is a certified adult trainer, with a bachelor’s and master’s degree in accounting and finance, and she cooperates with organizations and firms in providing training on financial literacy for work-life balance and personal finance management. She trains business owners and management teams in Financial Management and Business Administration, to enhance their financial and business skills. She is actively engaged with financial literacy, through training that helps people understand and cultivate their money mindset and take control of their money. She loves supporting entrepreneurship that leads to personal and professional growth, driven by sustainability and a positive impact on the people, the society, and the environment in which it is developed.