Stella Kasdagli

Co-founder, Head of Research Programmes & Strategic Partnerships

Stella Kasdagli is a co-founder of Women On Top and the Head of Research Programmes and Strategic Partnerships for the organisation. She is also a writer, translator and trainer for adolescents and adults. She studied French Literature in Athens and Media Theory in London and worked as an editor at Cosmopolitan Magazine for a number of years, while also working with other Greek and English publications and websites. She now designs and implements actions with a view to eliminating the obstacles that women are still facing in the workplace, she writes about issues she would like to see debated more, she translates books, and she moderates book clubs and workshops promoting personal growth and social change. She is a graduate of the US State Department IVLP programme, has been honoured with the Social Impact UK Alumni Award and her books koilitsa.com, I just wanted to fit it, the Princess Athena series and 30 Women Who Changed the World (and how you can change it, too) were published by Patakis Editions (in Greek). She has two daughters and is growing up alongside them in Athens.