Breaking the Glass Ceiling | Researching the position of women in business in Greece.

In 2020, in collaboration with Women On Top and the Alba Graduate Business School, The American College of Greece, Vodafone carried out for the first time in Greece a survey on the position of women and gender discrimination in the workplace, studying the perceptions and the experiences of women and business representatives in relation to:

  • The gender discrimination in work environments
  • The balance of professional and personal life
  • The skills – technological and non-technological – training and development
  • The violence and harassment at work
  • The gender stereotypes

This study was designed as a tool to lay the foundations for mapping the conditions in Greece in terms of gender discrimination and to start the debate on the implementation of practices, both by companies and by the State, that will "break" the glass ceiling and will empower women in the workplace.

This research is only available in Greek.