The Gender Gap in Financing

Start-ups with at least one woman in their founding team have drawn only 6% of the total funding that has been channeled into the Greek start-up ecosystem, while 62% of women finance their start-ups themselves.

The above and other important findings in relation to the gender gap in business financing in Greece are reflected in the recent research conducted by Women On Top with the support of the British Embassy in Athens.

The gender gap in financing is a global phenomenon, although it responds with different intensity in each economy. In Greece, the relevant data remains incomplete and sporadic, however we now know that the majority of women finance their business themselves at the start, and use loans at a much lower rate than men.

Through interviews with representatives of financial institutions, credit institutions, research organizations and incubators, Women On Top's research reaches useful conclusions both about the characteristics and causes, as well as about possible measures to address the gap, measures that could increase by 26% the annual global GDP, 15% the overall business performance and $5.9 trillion in market value, as well as adding $160 trillion in additional human capital to the international economy. The study was kindly supported by of the British Embassy in Athens within the framework of the program "Promoting equality in the workplace".