Το Women On Top & the HACCI National Federation Collaborate to Launch International Mentoring Program!

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Women On Top is excited to announce its collaboration with the Hellenic Australian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (HACCI) National Federation (HNF), in launching a transformative international mentoring program, bringing together young female professionals and accomplished female experts from a variety of industries. 

The HACCI – WoT program will be offering four six-month mentoring scholarships to one young woman from each of the four states in Australia where the HACCI National Federation operate: Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, and the Northern Territory.

Accordingly, through this collaboration, there will be an open call for Greek-Australian women who want to become mentors in the WoT network, giving the opportunity to mentees from Greece and Australia to learn and develop, creating a mentoring partnership with them.

The HNF aims to unite and establish a national presence across Australia, representing the Hellenic Australian business and professional community. This collaboration reflects the HNF’s commitment to supporting and fostering bilateral trade and professional networks between Australia and Greece, creating opportunities for progress and advancement at every level.

We are very happy that, through the initiative, Women On Top will extend its impact beyond the Greek borders, providing access to mentoring, training and networking opportunities for overseas women, while welcoming Greek-Australians from different industries and fields, as mentors on the Women On Top international mentoring platform.

Quote attributed to Women On Top Co-founder, Pinelopi Theodorakakou: “As an organization, we are deeply committed to empowering women and fostering their professional and financial growth and success. Our partnership with HACCI serves as yet another important step towards forging stronger connections and support networks that can propel us all towards greater success and prosperity.”

Quote attributed to HACCI NF Council Chair, Fotini Kypraios: “The HACCI National Federation is thrilled to join forces with Women On Top for this international mentoring collaboration initiative. The HACCI mentoring program has been a source of pride for everyone involved, and it is wonderful to see it’s reach expanding beyond Australian borders and reaching the motherland. Fostering meaningful relationships and collaborations between professionals from Greece and Australia has always been part of the HACCI mission, and this international collaboration ensures the continuation of our mentoring program through to a new generation of professional women. 

Furthermore, it is very important for us to connect with an organisation such as Women On Top, and be part of their significant work, supporting and empowering Greek women in becoming leaders in their field. 

This program will connect young Hellenic Australian women with successful professional women mentors in Greece, whilst also providing the opportunity for Hellenic Australian professionals to mentor young women from Greece. We can’t wait to see what great outcomes this collaboration will produce.”

Quote attributed to Women On Top Co-founder, Stella Kasdagli: “Over the last 12 years, we have experienced again and again the change that happens when we connect with one another, especially from afar. We all need the knowledge, the experience, the inspiration and the understanding that comes from getting to know women from other cultures, backgrounds, ecosystems and we are really excited that this collaboration with HACCI allows us to offer this gift to even more women in Greece and beyond”.