We are launching our crowdfunding campaign for the WHEN Hub: the first women’s empowerment hub in Greece!

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In our quest to achieve greater gender equality in the job market, we are launching a crowdfunding campaign to create WHEN, the first female-focused working, learning, empowerment, and advocacy hub with on-site childcare in Greece. 

Sounds easy? It’s not! That is why we need your help.

As you might know, since WoT became an official organization in 2018, we have supported more than 5.800 women to become financially empowered, build new skills, and make their professional/business dreams come true. At the same time, we have collaborated with 300+ companies & organizations and trained more than 11.500 executives to cultivate a more inclusive and equal culture in the work environment together. Finally, we are always working to form dynamic communities, create tools, and raise awareness to achieve greater equality in public life.

4 years after the innovative mentoring platform we built with your valuable support, we have set our next goal: create a hub where each of us can work, grow, venture, develop new skills, and become empowered by a dynamic community of women. This will be a space where mothers can make all of this happen too, whilst their children engage in creative play and activities at an arm’s length.


We believe in the power of women to grow and shape the future of work for all of us, when given access to the necessary support, tools, and network. We‘ve got the support, the tools, and the network. Now it is time to create a space that will allow us to maximize their impact.

We strive for fewer unemployed women, higher percentages of female entrepreneurs, a smaller pay gap, more women in positions of responsibility, and equal opportunities in all aspects of life.
Are you with us?

You can support us:

  • By donating a small or large amount, which will help us to assist every woman in becoming what she wants and is capable of being and to create a hub for supporting initiatives and systematically promoting policy proposals for gender equality in Greece.
  • By sharing our efforts in your network, through social media or in any other way that suits you, along with a short message of support and motivation, which will encourage other people to contribute to the campaign.

Your financial support will help us create a hub:

  • With 30 coworking spaces for women who want to make work one of the best parts of their lives
  • With closed office spaces for small teams and organizations
  • With meeting, training, and event spaces
  • With an appropriate child care space 
  • With mother & baby devoted space
  • With full accessibility for people with disabilities
  • With its own library!


In any case, we thank you for your time and your—very important to us—support. As always, we’d love for you to send us your ideas and feedback so we can make Women On Top even better for everyone!