ALTΕτήσια αναφορά 2022

Annual Report 2021

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Ετήσια αναφορά 2022

2021, amidst its many demands and upheavals, highlighted some of these challenges. Even if, until now, we could to some extent turn a blind eye to many of the pathologies that plague gender equality in our country – sexist public discourse, sexual violence and harassment, domestic and economic violence, the unequal distribution of caring responsibilities – many bold, outspoken and “dangerous” women have ensured, in the past year, that the issues find their place (if only for a while) in the public debate and at the decision-making tables that affect us.

It is up to all of us to ensure that this time will not be short and that we will not stop working for equality and inclusion until every woman in Greece has the opportunity to become what she can and wants to be. Economic independence, the right to creativity, equal opportunities at work and participation in decision-making are among the most important tools at our disposal to achieve this. And we, at Women On Top, pledge for one more year that we will be here to support them.