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ALTΕτήσια αναφορά 2022
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Annual Report 2021

2021, amidst its many demands and upheavals, highlighted some of these challenges. Even if, until now, we could to some extent turn a blind eye to many of the pathologies that plague gender equality in our country - sexist public discourse, sexual violence and harassment, domestic and economic violence, the unequal distribution of caring responsibilities - many bold, outspoken and "dangerous" women have ensured, in the past year, that the issues find their place (if only for a while) in the public debate and at the decision-making tables that affect us.

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Annual Report 2022

2022 was the year we celebrated our 10th birthday. It was the year that our team grew even more, but also the year that we made important decisions about the priorities and development of the organization in the coming years. We believe that every anniversary is also a small or big occasion for reflection and that is exactly what we tried to do. Not only from the inside out, but also from outwards inwards. What are the changes we want to see happening from here on out, what kind of impact do we want to create, in which direction and by what means.