Annual Report 2022

Categories: Annual Reports

2022 was the year we celebrated our 10th birthday. It was the year that our team grew even more, but also the year that we made important decisions about the priorities and development of the organization in the coming years. We believe that every anniversary is also a small or big occasion for reflection and that is exactly what we tried to do. Not only from the inside out, but also from outwards inwards. What are the changes we want to see happening from here on out, what kind of impact do we want to create, in which direction and by what means.

The past year may have been particularly difficult and with many obstacles for women and girls around the world, but at the same time, huge strides were made. Big, bright windows of optimism that came either as changes in the legislative framework for a more equal distribution of caring responsibilities, or as new partnerships with organizations and companies that are ready to create safe and equal working environments.

The biggest and brightest window however, also for the year of 2022, was the people. All those who approached us wanting to support our work from where they are and bring change to the small or large groups they work with. Our volunteers. Our board of directors. Our whole team.

To each and every one of you we would like to express our gratitude and with each and every one of you we want to continue growing, evolving, celebrating small and big victories, always and everywhere defending gender equality and making a real difference in the lives of women and girls.

Thank you for your continued support of our project!