Annual Report 2023

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If the age of 11 is considered to be the first year of adolescence, then 2023 was our first teenage year.

We realised that we are growing, which seemed at the same time difficult, important and exciting – it still feels strange not to be sitting at the children’s table.

We worked more diligently towards finding our place in the world – both inside the gender equality and civil society ecosystem in Greece and out of it.

We undertook projects bigger than what we had done before – we completed them successfully and we also learned from them.

We created new relationships based on care and trust, while drawing strength and knowledge from our existing ones.

We were sad for things we lost, we got excited about what was to come and we tried to build stronger foundations to properly welcome it.

The year of 2023 was yet another year of growth for Women On Top as we completed the first strategic plan we created in 2021. You will read many of its outputs and outcomes in this annual report.

We are proud of everything we accomplished, aware of the things we had to revise and grateful for all those who supported us in this effort. While performing our review and setting new goals for the next three years, we can already outline two threads that will define our work during this time: expanding on the inclusion of women in rural Greece, along with the needs, challenges and solutions that they themselves have to bring to the table, and creating physical spaces that will bring us together (again), beyond the proximity that online communications have granted us in recent years.

Through this dual perspective and our existing strategic pillars – the pillars of individual empowerment, organisational change and social awareness – and with the horizontal values of trust, community building, continuous learning and the promotion of positive impact, we will continue to work towards the professional and economic empowerment of women, as well as gender equality and inclusion in the workplace. We hope, as always, that you will join us!