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Lessons from Norway and Iceland on equality in business

Since January 2021 at Women On Top we have been closely following the long-term efforts and progress of Norway and Iceland on the issue of the gender gap at work. Our study was carried out in the context of the project "Gender equality in the corporate world: what can we learn from Norway and Iceland about empowering women in business", through which we attempt to understand and record the practices and methods that helped the Norway and Iceland consistently top the rankings for gender equality in Europe.

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Safe at Work | Training Manual for Staff

This handbook covers what sexual harassment is and isn't, the context in which it can occur, and the ways in which we can deal with it when we are put in a difficult position. It also includes how we should behave at work, to foster inclusion and respect, how we can set our own boundaries, along with small but important rules of conduct that will help us not to violate, even unintentionally, the boundaries of our colleagues. Finally, the handbook closes with the myths that we need to debunk if we want to make a meaningful contribution to addressing the phenomenon of sexual harassment at work.