MENTORS’ TRAINING: THE SERIES | Goal Setting & Self-Confidence

calendar icon 19 January 2023
calendar icon 17:00 - 19:00
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Event category: Mentoring, Seminars

At Women On Top we believe in mentoring and we believe (a lot!) in the ability of our mentors to change the lives of their mentees for the better. That is why we are starting the new academic year with a series of training seminars around key topics related to this role, which will significantly increase the effectiveness of the guidance you can offer to your mentees, your colleagues or any woman you want to support!

These are 4 two-hour webinars, which will help you learn more about the basic principles of mentoring, and practice skills such as trust and active listening, unconscious biases, goal setting and self-confidence, as well as other important tools that will also maximize your own broader professional development.

4th webinar: Goal setting & self-confidence
Facilitator: Pinelopi Theodorakakou
Guest Speaker: LaToria Brent
When: 19/1/2023 @ 17:00-19:00

The fourth and final webinar of the mentor training cycle is about setting goals and self-confidence. Whether you have years of mentoring experience or are just starting out, you may be wondering what is the best way to support another woman in clarifying her goals, setting priorities and planning the next steps to achieve them. In these two hours we will explore together the appropriate tools for the most effective and constructive support and guidance of your mentees, so that you can optimize the goal-setting process and achieve even better results for both of you next time.

A few words about the Guest Speaker:
LaToria Brent has over 20 years of experience in sales, marketing, human resource (recruitment and selection), LaToria’s mission has always been to strategize, implement, and execute different methods to positively impact her community. A serial entrepreneur, LaToria has owned multiple businesses and has served as an adjunct instructor transferring her institutional knowledge down to young adult business students. LaToria holds a bachelor’s degree in international business, MBA, and a certification in human resource management.

The training series is aimed at both WoT mentors and those outside the network who are interested in exploring this aspect of their career path.

Funding is provided by the US Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, with Meridian International Center as the implementing partner.