Inclusivity Lounge 2022 | Sustainability & Inclusion

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Since 2020, the Inclusivity Lounge has been creating physical and online spaces for brainstorming and networking around the important issues of technology, economics, sustainability and health, and the ways in which these intersect with the many aspects of gender equality, diversity and inclusion.

Our aim with this initiative has always been to bring issues of social cohesion, sustainable development and inclusive leadership to the center of important international decision-making and knowledge-sharing forums, such as the Delphi Economic Forum and the Thessaloniki International Fair.

In 2022, as the whole world recognized the need for decisive action in the face of the climate and energy crisis, the Inclusivity Lounge brought together accomplished Greek and international speakers, to discuss the impact of climate change on women and other vulnerable, social groups, emphasizing on the one hand the role that women changemakers play, and on the other hand the saying they should have in the field of sustainable development.

We created this report to summarize and synthesize all the important information and insights that emerged from the very interesting discussions that took place during the two events. We hope that this material will become a springboard for more worthwhile initiatives around critical economic, political, environmental and social issues.

Watch the recorded conversations of Inclusivity Lounge 2022 @ Delphi Economic Forum.

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