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Lessons from Norway and Iceland on equality in business

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Since January 2021, Women On Top has been closely following the long-term efforts and progress of Norway and Iceland on the issue of the gender gap at work. Our study was carried out in the context of the project “Gender equality in the corporate world: what can we learn from Norway and Iceland about empowering women in business” through which we attempted to understand and record the practices and methods that helped Norway and Iceland consistently top the rankings for gender equality in Europe.

Our goal is to create a toolbox that Greek businesses can use to improve the equality and inclusion indicators in our ecosystem here. The result of this effort is the present manual, which represents the most basic tools that emerged from our research.

In its 5 sections you will find the key points that have determined the two Nordic countries’ impressive progress, in matters of equality, during the last 4 decades, as well as ideas, practices and examples that can help adapt these points to Greek reality.

The guide is addressed to executives of companies and organizations, especially to those who hold positions of (small or large) responsibility, have the possibility to influence the policies and culture of the companies in which they work and/or implement equality plans, diversity and inclusion policies and positive actions aimed at empowering women or other underrepresented groups. The guide is designed not to replace a comprehensive handbook on equality planning, but to document good practice, provide inspiration and act as a road map for leaders and aspiring leaders. to contribute to the creation of more equal, progressive and responsible organizations.

The project “Gender equality in the corporate world: what can we learn from Norway and Iceland about empowering women in business” was implemented by WoT and is part of the bilateral relations development initiatives financed by EEA Grants in the framework of the Greek Business Innovation program, with grant manager Innovation Norway. Special thanks to The Norwegian Embassy in Athens, Greece, for their valuable support and of course our partners from Norway, Kvinner i Business and Confederation of Norwegian Enterprises, and from Iceland The Association of Women Business Leaders in Iceland.