Sofia Sepera

Member of the WoT event support team

Sofia was born in Germany and grew up in Drama. She is a graduate of the Department of Accounting and Finance and holds a master’s degree in Digital Marketing from the Department of Administrative Science and Technology of the International University of Greece, while during this time he is attending the Human Resources Development specialized training program at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.

Her career began in Greece where she worked in companies in administrative positions. Most recently, she worked in a financial institution as a Marketing and Public Relations Officer while working closely with the Board of Directors. Also, a big part of her work is Social Media Management, the planning and coordination of events, the creation of printed and electronic corporate communication as well as the promotion of the corporate identity.

She has attended many seminars and conferences aimed at her personal and professional development. In 2023 she joined WoT as a member of the event support team, with the aim, among other things, to help implement the organization’s actions.