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Women On Top joins forces with the European Women On Boards

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We are very pleased to announce our new partnership with EWOB, a non-profit organization created to promote gender equality and diversity in corporate leadership, across Europe. Through international exchanges and networking, EWOB's mission is to inspire female executives to realize their professional aspirations. One of its main goals is to create a pool of 1000 women who are ready to take positions in the C-suite or on the Board of Directors of companies and organizations. It also produces research and reports that give the full picture of gender equality conditions prevailing in more than 600 listed companies in Europe, and document the need for greater representation of women in decision-making positions. It actively contributes to shaping European policies on gender equality in business, and builds partnerships with organizations that share its philosophy across Europe and beyond. The goal of these partnerships is to accelerate change, at the national level, and create an inclusive community of leaders from across Europe.

In the context of these partnerships, Women On Top has very recently signed a memorandum of cooperation with EWOB, with the aim of contributing to promoting the vision of equal representation of women in positions of responsibility, in Greece as well. We are always concerned when we hear that "there are no women with the right experience or skills" to take up leadership positions in businesses and organizations, and that is why we are especially happy to be given the opportunity to contribute both to multiplying the number of these women and in making those that already exist stand out better.

In the coming weeks, we will be announcing a number of targeted actions that we are going to organize together with EWOB. In the meantime, however, you can visit the organization's website to find out how you can become a member and take advantage of the opportunities it provides to plan your next professional steps more effectively.

(Already a member of EWOB? Get in touch with us to discuss how we can support even more women to claim positions of responsibility in Greece!)