Annual Report 2019

Categories: Annual Reports

2019 is the first year we attempt to capture, in a comprehensive annual report, what we designed and created, where our resources came from, how we managed them and our impact. This is how we want to present them – with pride, transparency but also with a great sense of consistency and responsibility – to the team, the beneficiaries, the supporters and the whole large community of people who follow our work.

But not only that.

We also want, through this report, to create a coherent mosaic of actions, thoughts, elements, impressions and collaborations that will help us communicate our work and vision to those who do not yet know it and to remind those and to ourselves, that change is possible and that, little by little, with everyone’s valuable help, we discover and evaluate the tools that will help us reach it.

We deliver this to you, in the hope that it will be a source of inspiration but also the starting point of an even longer journey towards women’s empowerment and equality in public life.