Toolkit for structures that train and support women social entrepreneurs

Categories: Tools

From 2021 to 2023, Women On Top participated in FoWoSe (Fostering Women’s Social Entrepreneurship), a project that aims to strengthen women’s social entrepreneurship by developing and testing tools that will train and guide organizations that foster entrepreneurship, so that they develop more equal practices, first as employers, and then towards the entrepreneurs they support.

This tool is aimed at organizations supporting entrepreneurship that offer training and business incubator and accelerator programs with a focus on social entrepreneurship, but need to improve their strategies regarding gender to fully meet the needs of women entrepreneurs and offer specially designed inclusive programs and support activities.

The aim of the toolkit is to raise awareness of gender inequalities, trigger strategic actions within organizations promoting good practices, and provide adaptable methods, tools and resources that will include and support women entrepreneurs across Europe.

The toolkit consists of three training modules concerning a) the training of trainers to integrate the gender mainstreaming in entrepreneurship support programs, b) the creation and management of gender inclusive business communities, and c) the attraction and selection of female entrepreneurs by using gender-sensitive forms of communication, as well as by re-examining the selection processes and criteria used by organizations.

FοWoSE is funded by the Erasmus+ program of the EU, and it is implemented by the organization PULSE, with the collaboration of Women on Top (Greece), Empow’Her (France), Reach for Change (Bulgaria) and Synthesis (Cyprus).