Annual Report 2020

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No annual report is enough to fit all of 2020, but this is our attempt to do so.

Amidst the terrible health and economic consequences caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the effects of the crisis on women, but also on the state of gender equality internationally, have emerged as an urgent and important at the same time problem that we will need to face now and not later, on a collective rather than an individual level, as a necessity rather than a luxury or an escape.

Through our annual report on this very demanding year with so many difficult components, we wanted to tell you our own little piece of the story: how, step by step, we maximized the legacy of 2019, how we welcomed the challenges of the pandemic and the measures to deal with it, how we managed the transition to an -almost completely, now- digital environment, how we quickly diagnosed the new problems, but also the opportunities created for women in Greece by the coronavirus, and how we adapted or we have radically revised our programming plan in order to contribute to addressing or exploiting them respectively.

Each of these steps, which at first glance appear to address some of the challenges ahead, leads us to the solution of a larger problem that has been there for a long time.